CAN-Bus Tester GT3 - The new generation of Intensive Fieldbus Diagnostic

Fieldbus diagnostics is a concept used in industrial networks and automation systems to monitor the performance and integrity of a fieldbus and identify possible faults or errors.Gemac, as a long-standing specialist in the field of physical fieldbus diagnostics, has been dealing with the technological basics for almost 30 years and presented the first diagnostic solutions for CAN-based networks on the market around 20 years ago.

A fieldbus is a digital communication system that enables different devices and components to communicate in an industrial environment. CAN-based networks are typically the central communication system in mobile machinery. The main objectives of Fieldbus Diagnostics are to improve the availability, reliability and efficiency of machines and systems and to reduce downtime. Gemac's current diagnostic solutions are primarily used in the field of mobile machinery but also in stationary automation. As a continuation of this technology, Gemac will present a completely new and significantly more powerful generation of Intensive Fieldbus Diagnostic (IFD) at the end of 2023, which will include digital and functional diagnostics in addition to physical diagnostics in the future. The new handheld diagnostic device CAN Bus Tester GT3 will have an even more robust outdoor housing with a standardized VESA mounting system and, with its 10" rugged touch display, offers an optimal basis for use in mobile and industrial working environments. The remote measuring head for direct connection of the measuring circuit to the CAN and CAN FD bus (without signal-distorting stub lines) makes it possible to carry out measurements in hard-to-reach places or in environments with special requirements.


Standardized plug connections

The software of the mobile CAN Bus Tester GT3 can be adapted to the application depending on the Fieldbus used (CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, DeviceNet or SAE J1939) and activated as required using a license key. It is still possible to use the cables and adapters used in the previous CANtouch diagnostic solution from Gemac, as the new generation also explicitly uses standardized plug connections (M12 and DSub9) to ensure interoperability and increase ease of use for the user. Comprehensive project management will also be integrated, including segment, participant, and measurement management. There are also plans to add a database solution for many machine documents (e.g. circuit diagrams, manuals, machine logbooks). At the physical level, even more comprehensive measurements are possible in the CAN bus. The combination of a two-channel oscilloscope with decoding and automatic determination of signal quality makes the CAN Bus Tester GT3 a powerful tool for troubleshooting, signal analysis, protocol monitoring and the development of CAN-based circuits and systems. This is particularly useful when complex signals and digital communication protocols are used to monitor and analyze communication between microcontrollers, sensors, actuators or other digital devices. The protocol monitor function is still available on the digital level. The transmission and reception of CAN and CAN FD messages and sequences and the symbolic decoding of CAN, CAN FD, CAN-open and SAE J1939 are also possible.

CAN-Bus Tester GT3

Facilitated repair

Integrating an OBD-II analysis for the functional level is planned to extend the scope of the CAN Bus Tester GT3. OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) is a standardized diagnostic system that standardizes vehicle diagnostics and facilitates the repair of vehicles. Although OBD-II uses common fault codes, vehicle manufacturers can also implement manufacturer-specific codes to provide additional diagnostic information beyond the generic codes. Gemac will work closely with manufacturers of mobile machinery to provide users with all the information they need in a customized and compact form. The aim is to offer a complex overall solution for fieldbus diagnostics for mobile power machines that combines the physical, digital and functional levels in one diagnostic solution. Overall, Gemac's Intensive Fieldbus Diagnostic (IFD) for mobile machinery offers a powerful solution for monitoring and controlling machines to increase their safety, efficiency and reliability. Proactive diagnostics can prevent costly breakdowns and increase overall operational efficiency. The Gemac Academy, the company's online training portal, offers various courses on this topic, from beginners to professionals. The new CAN Bus Tester GT3 will be presented for the first time at Agritechnica from November 12 - 18, 2023 in Hanover in Hall 15 Booth H36.

The new GEMAC MOTUS sensor family

Sensorfamilie GEMAC MOTUS

Gemac will also be presenting its new GEMAC MOTUS® sensor family. With the GEMAC MOTUS®, the first power IMU for mobile power machines, a sensor measuring unit has been developed that can be configured for a wide range of applications and enables 6-axis motion detection on mobile machines.

Three product lines with three different performance classes offer the right solution for every application: The GEMAC MOTUS® as a premium product is characterized above all by its high dynamic accuracy (+/- 0.25 °) and its robust zinc die-cast housing. GEMAC MOTUS® Blackline has comparable technical properties, but also offers cost-effective variants in a plastic housing and additional availability as a purely static inclination sensor. The GEMAC MOTUS® Greenline focuses on flexibility and price. GEMAC MOTUS® is available as a static or dynamic inclination sensor and as an inertial measuring unit IMU. All product lines are available for five different interfaces: For the analog interfaces current and voltage as well as for the digital interfaces CAN, CANopen and SAE J1939.