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Product BasicLINE / ClassicLINE / ReferenceLINE
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Product category Sensors
PCN-No. / Date 2022-007 / 18.11.2022
Effective date 18.11.2022
Product status new Obsolete
Last order 15.01.2023
Last shipping 31.12.2024
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Successor products – Announcement

Market launch of GEMAC Motus® BLACKLINE und GEMAC Motus® GREENLINE in 2023

As already announced many times in the trade press, the market launch of our two new product lines GEMAC Motus® BLACKLINE and GEMAC GEMAC Motus® GREENLINE will start in 2023 (press article here).

With the expansion of our sensor portfolio, new innovative product solutions of inclination and inertial sensor technology are thus available to you soon. In addition to the new GEMAC Motus® BLACKLINE version in plastic housing, the cost-benefit optimized GEMAC Motus® GREENLINE variant will round off the portfolio.

GEMAC Motus® BLACKLINE will replace the existing ClassicLINE and BasicLINE, and GEMAC Motus® GREENLINE will replace the EconomicLINE.

In the PCN document you will already find possible successor products from our new sensor generation.

All successor products included here have the same mounting properties and technical parameters as their predecessors.


Samples off:    Q2/2023

Series off:        Q3/2023

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