A finan­cial inves­tor from the regi­on takes over the most important assets of the insol­vent GEMAC — Gesell­schaft für Mikroelec­tronik­an­wen­dung Chem­nitz mbH:“We have found an inves­tor for the com­pa­ny who wants to pre­ser­ve the loca­ti­on and the jobs”, con­firms Dirk Hüb­ner, who will be respon­si­ble for the tech­ni­cal area of the com­pa­ny in the future. This is good news for the 70 employees after the com­pa­ny went bankrupt in Febru­a­ry 2017. Insol­ven­cy admi­nis­tra­tor Rüdi­ger Bauch from the law firm Schult­ze & Braun and his team led by lawy­er Dr. Dirk Her­zig have worked hard over the past few mon­ths to find a solu­ti­on for medi­um-sized busi­nes­ses. During this time, busi­ness ope­ra­ti­ons con­ti­nued unrestrictedly:“We would like to thank our cus­to­mers, sup­pliers, busi­ness part­ners and employees for sup­por­ting us and enab­ling us to make a fresh start in the first place,” reports Dirk Hüb­ner. The law firm Schult­ze & Braun and ABG Con­sul­ting have also pro­vi­ded us with sub­stan­ti­al sup­port in the process.

Good future pro­spects for the medi­um-sized company

The ABG Con­sul­ting Part­ner GmbH & Co. KG was ent­rus­ted with the search for inves­tors as part of an M&A pro­cess. With v‑design GmbH from Dres­den, we have suc­cee­ded in fin­ding a regio­nal and stra­te­gic inves­tor who wants to main­tain the core are­as of GEMAC and fur­ther expand the busi­ness “, says Mana­ging Direc­tor Simon Leo­pold. We have held talks with a lar­ge num­ber of inte­res­ted par­ties in recent mon­ths. Ulti­mate­ly, the acqui­si­ti­on con­cept of v‑design GmbH con­vin­ced all tho­se invol­ved. We are the­re­fo­re very plea­sed with the final solution:“As of July 31, 2017, the insol­ven­cy pro­cee­dings are to be sus­pen­ded and the offi­cial restart will take place on August 1, 2017. v‑design GmbH’s Mana­ging Direc­tor, Robert Her­mann, will streng­t­hen the manage­ment of GEMAC with immedia­te effect. As the owner of a medi­um-sized Saxo­ni­an hol­ding com­pa­ny, he has expe­ri­ence in rea­ligning com­pa­nies and ope­ning up new mar­kets for fur­ther growth. In the future, we will be con­cen­tra­ting pri­ma­ri­ly on our own pro­ducts in the field of incli­na­ti­on sen­sors. In addi­ti­on, the EMS divi­si­on, the busi­ness area with CAN dia­gnostic sys­tems and deve­lo­p­ment are to be fur­ther expan­ded,” reports Her­mann. The com­pa­ny enjoys an excel­lent repu­ta­ti­on on the mar­ket and has excel­lent growth oppor­tu­nities thanks to its exten­si­ve ran­ge of pro­ducts and ser­vices and com­pre­hen­si­ve know-how.

The medi­um-sized com­pa­ny is now tra­ding under the name of GEMAC Chem­nitz GmbH.

About GEMAC Chem­nitz GmbH

GEMAC Chem­nitz GmbH employs 70 peop­le. The elec­tro­nics company’s main busi­ness are­as are sen­sors, dia­gnostic devices for Fiel­dbus sys­tems, as well as EMS ser­vices and deve­lo­p­ment. In accordance with the cre­do “Made in Ger­ma­ny”, GEMAC deve­lo­ps, manu­fac­tures and sells pro­ducts of the hig­hest qua­li­ty at fair pri­ces to cus­to­mers from indus­try, agri­cul­tu­re, con­struc­tion and medi­cal technology.

Com­pa­ny con­ta­ct: GEMAC Chem­nitz GmbH Zwi­ckau­er Stra­ße 227 09116 Chem­nitz Pho­ne: +49 371 3377- 0 E‑Mail: info@gemac-chemnitz.de

If you have any ques­ti­ons, plea­se con­ta­ct: Man­dy Aurich, Tele­pho­ne: 0371 3377 380, E‑Mail: maurich@gemac-chemnitz.de